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About Our "Policies"
Spectators in the training area.

Firstly, lets define what we consider to be a spectator.

  • Any person who enters the class without the intention to train or assist the instructor in charge of the class.
  • Any person who wishes to watch student members train.
Psychkwondo allows entry to spectators:
  • at gradings.
  • on their first visit only.
  • on posted events.
Psychkwondo does not allow any spectators in the training area while training is in progress.

This policy is in place as
  • students find it very uncomfortable being watched while learning.
  • and see "Visitors"
  • spectators in the past have made the training hall an uncomfortable place.
Student Helpers.

Any student that wishes to assist:

  • must be in full uniform.
  • will not be allowed to assist if not in uniform.
  • must still abide by club rules.
  • address everyone correctly.

Visitors are always welcome to come and train, but not to watch.
The reason for this is, you must get a feel for the class.

Many spectators feel that they actually know how to do everything just by watching.

Training here at "Psychkwondo" is described best as a hands on approach.
Watching a class can give you a false sense of the skills taught.
Taking part in the class, you realise  that the art form of Taekwondo is something that must be learnt by doing.