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Dural Public School
622 Old Northern Road,
​Dural, NSW, 2158​
Air Conditioned 
Class Description

Please note - Beginners are welcome to all but a few classes . If you cannot make the time that is best suited to you, come and talk to us as there is always flexibility.

  • Kids - While this class states up to 6yrs old we can accommodate a couple of years above if you are bringing 2 or more children and/or may find it difficult to make different times.
  • Junior White/Yellow Belts - This class is for students up to the age of around 12yrs old. As with our other classes this time may or may not suit you better,  as always we are flexible so just give us a call
  • Juniors - This class is for our junior belts (up to 14yrs old) all the way to Black Belt. This class may have beginners up. While we do have specific classes for beginners and junior yellow belts they may train in the junior class. We do however advise that the  kids - junior white/yellow belts class is the better class for most junior white and yellow belts.
  • Seniors - Senior class is for all belts and most guy's over the age of 14yrs old. This is a great class for parents to do a little training while the kids train at the same time in their own class.
  • Sports TKD - This class focuses on the competition side of Taekwondo. This would be considered a sparring class. For all those interested in the sport side of Taekwondo this would be the class for you.
  • Mixed Class - This class is all ages, all levels. This is a great class to gauge yourself against some of our most experienced guy's and gal's.
  • Black Belts + Prov - This class is dedicated to Black Belts and Provisional Black Belts. 
While we do our best to accommodate everyone it may be difficult for you to make the appropriate class. If this is the case please speak to us as there is flexibility.
Please try and arrive ahead of your scheduled class and help prepare yourself with a light stretch and warm up.
Split classes indicate separate training halls.
Prep Class
6.00pm - 6.55pm  
Mixed Class
7.00pm - 8.00pm  
Beginners Welcome This Class
White Belt
Yellow Belt
Blue Belt
Red Belt
Black Belt
Mum and Dad can train with the kids. A little less intense while but still getting a great training session in before the weekend. 
Helping our potential Black Belts prepare for their up and coming promotional test while fine tuning their own skills.  
Mixed Class
5.00pm - 5.55pm  
Sport Taekwondo Class