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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Whats the difference between Karate and Taekwondo?

A. It's origins, Taekwondo is a Korean martial art while Karate is a Japanese martial art.

Q. Is Taekwondo an Olympic Sport?

A. Yes, Taekwondo made it's official Olympic debut here in Sydney at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Q. So is Taekwondo a martial art or a sport?

A. This question is best answered by CLICKING HERE.

Q. Which would be the best class to start in?

A. Any of our first session classes on any given night would be great.

Q. Do you offer free lessons?

A. Yes, we offer a no obligation "3 free lesson" invitation.

Q. Does Psychkwondo attend competitions?

A. Yes, Psychkwondo does attend competitions.

Q. Do you have to compete to become a member of Psychkwondo?

A. No, competition is strictly by choice only. You will not be forced in any way to compete or spar ( spar - to train in a nonaggression and controlled manner).

Q. Will training with Psychkwondo make my child aggressive?.

A. We do our absolute best to teach that violence and aggression is a totally antisocial and unwelcome behavior. So far we have seen the total opposite of any aggressive behavior. All our students show a great deal of calm while also projecting a great level of confidence and modesty.

Q. Do you offer private lessons?

A. Yes, please contact us so we can arrange a meeting to discuss your needs. 1300 885 371 or contact us