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About the "Benefits"
Self Defence:

Learning Self Defence and Respect:
• Learn realistic skills to defend themselves;
• Develop conflict resolutions and social skills they need to make good choices and avoid conflict;
• Develop a strong system of values and respect for others.
Parents Benefits:

Benefits to parents:
• Knowing where your children are, that they are being supervised and having fun;
• Appreciation that their children are being active and healthy;
• Better performance of their children in school. Research has shown that children who are involved in sport tend to stay in school longer and get better grades; and
• Assistance in behaviors that will encourage lifelong health and well being.
Personal Benefits:

Other benefits of participation in sport and physical activity
Personal benefits for children:
• Teaches self discipline, commitment and responsibility;
• Teaches organizational skills and how to share; and
• Teaches to deal with pressures and stress;

Mental Benefits:

Mental health benefits of participation in physical activity include:
• Improved self-esteem and confidence;
• Reduction in stress, anxiety and depression;
• Improved mood and sense of well being;
• Improved concentration, enhanced memory and learning, and better performance at school;
• Reduced feelings of fatigue and depression; and
• Improved psychological well being and mental awareness.
Social Benefits:

Social benefits for children:
• Development of communication, interpersonal, leadership and co-operation skills;
• Creation of lasting friendships;
• Increased interest in accepting responsibility;
• Teaches them how to deal with winning and losing;
• Provides a vehicle for responsible risk taking;
• Helps build social skills among children and may deter anti social behavior; and
• Helps young people develop self-discipline and leadership.
Health Benefits:

Physical health benefits for children:
• Improved fitness, strength, flexibility and coordination;
• Improved general health and assistance in weight management;
• Development of a wide range of motor skills;
• Healthy growth and development of the cardio-respiratory system as well as the bones and muscles of children; and
• Establishment of healthy behaviors that young people will carry throughout their lives, such as better eating habits and decreased likelihood of smoking.

Physical health benefits for seniors:

• Improved physical health and longer life;
• Improved mobility, flexibility and functional ability;
• Reduced risk of disease;
• Reduction in effects of ageing, such as fewer years of disability;
• Stronger bones, reduced risk of osteoporosis and symptoms of osteoarthritis/rheumatoid arthritis;
• Reduced risk of falling and fracturing bones;
• Reduction in severity of falls; and
• Independence.

Physical health benefits for Adults:

Physical health benefits of participation in physical activity include:
• Reduction in risk of heart disease by as much as half;
• Better recovery from a heart attack and reduced risk of having a second heart attack;
• Reduced risk of stroke;
• Reduced risk of having high blood pressure and high cholesterol;
• Prevention and treatment of non-insulin dependent diabetes;
• Reduced risk of developing and dying from some cancers, such as colon and breast cancers; and assistance with coping, rehabilitation and survival from cancer;
• Prevention of obesity and weight management;
• Decreased body fat;
• Increased lean muscle, muscle strength and bone density;
• Reduced risk of chronic disease and death;
• Improved quality of life and long term health;
• Improved fitness and stamina;
• Stronger immune system;
• Increased energy; and
• Improvement in sleep.

Regardless of age, the benefits here are for all. Sometimes adults need a little push in order to see that their lives can also be improved by training here with Psychkwondo.
No matter your level of fitness or strength Psychkwondo can help you at your pace.
As we get older things seem to get a little harder. Do nothing about it and things will get a lot harder.