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About Psychkwondo

Psychkwondo is a truly unique martial arts club established as part of the World Taekwondo Federation in the Hills District region, embracing not only the importance of physical strength and self defense, but also the importance of teaching and training the mind; following the club’s motto, “Train the mind and the body shall follow.”

The name ‘Psychkwondo’, whilst being a play on words truly embraces what we are about. ‘Psych’ emphasizes the necessity the importance of training one’s mind in order to comprehend, analyze and solve situations that occur in every day life, encouraging students to ask questions and understand why we do what we do and to take everything into consideration as opposed to mindlessly training without processing what is happening.

In a positive and optimistic environment where Psychkwondo members embrace the club’s symbol of the koru, symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace, with five primary tenants; etiquette, modesty, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. Unlike any other, Psychkwondo teaches not only Taekwondo, but also aids in vital skills such as good manners, to never give up, concentration, the capability to learn and overcome obstacles, reaction and physical, mental and emotional self control.

With the guarantee that boredom is not part of our training and that you will not only get fitter, wiser, stronger and smarter, but that you will also enjoy your time spent in the DoJang (training area), with the main goal set for all members by Psychkwondo’s head instructors;
  • to give the best quality in training,
  • to help build up confidence in those that need assistance
  • and to push those who need to be pushed that little further in the positive training environment.
Empower yourself, your friends and your family for life through Psychkwondo, Taekwondo at it’s best.

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