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Why Psychkwondo ?
Physical Development:
Good co-ordination and flexibility
Strong muscle tone and body
Agile body
Inner strength through deep breathing
Self Defence ability

Become a winner in life.

Psychkwondo is more than just a Martial Art club. It is a guide for the formation of outstanding character and a strong basis for a fulfilling life.
Here at Psychkwondo we are passionate about passing on the endless benefits of Martial Arts and feel strong about educating and developing our future, we endeavor to make a difference and help people to lead more valuable lives. Our environment is friendly, safe, fun and supportive. We are personable, caring and everyone is important, we love what we do. We all support one another and have all made strong lasting relationships.
At Psychkwondo you will learn valuable life lessons, skills that will take you throughout life. You will lay a foundation for a happy, well adjusted and fulfilled adult life.
The mood and feel good benefits of exercise are immediate and the health, mental, physical and philosophical benefits from Psychkwondo are endless.

Philosophical Development:
Respect for yourself and one another
Help one another
Do your best in everything
Mental Development:
Self Confidence
Strong Character
Good Judgment
Self Control
Sound Mind
Stress Reduction

The self discipline and self respect which is obtained through training can provide your child with the skills and mindset to resist peer pressure, make good decisions and channel their energy into more productive goals.
Knowing how to defend yourself is empowering.

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